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Rie Day

Rie holds a first grade  professor status with Ikenobo school in Kyoto and a president of its UK London Branch. ( )

She practices the art of  Ikebana following the Ikenobo school style teaching at  Fulbeck Hall, Lincolnshire, also doing workshops in London, Sheffield and West Yorkshire.

With  over 30 years of experience, she can guide you in learning this meditative art which will lead you to a new appreciation for the essence and natural beauty of flowers. 

About the teacher

Arrangement Styles


Rikka Style

Rikka is originated in the 16thC Tatehana Style and evolved into current style. It consists with  many contrasting but complimentary materials, expressing the beauty of a natural Landscape.


Shoka Style

Simpler style of Ikebana was established in 18th century. It consists with three main branches expressing life's perpetual change and renewal. Focus on plant's essence simply and beautifully.

Free Style

Most recent to emerge from Ikenobo school due to a contemporary environments and tastes.

Though there are a naturalistic and an abstract styles, both use plants in new ways yet respect the beauty and essential qualities of each materials.

Lessons and Workshops

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